[2020 Light-up] Event Reservation Guide

Event Dates

The 2020 Light-up events will be held 6 times.

 DateLight-up Time
1stJan 1317:30 - 19:30
2ndJan 1917:30 - 19:30
3rdJan 2617:30 - 19:30
4thFeb 217:30 - 19:30
5thFeb 917:30 - 19:30
6thFeb 1617:30 - 19:30

How to Join?

If you would like to join the light-up event, please reserve one of 3 options as followings. Without reservation, guests will be restricted to access the village. Please pay special attention to this rule.

【A- Stay overnight

【B- 1 day entrance (self-drive + parking lot)】

【C- Package tours】

【D- Tour bus

Please see more details as the table provided below. If you take the public bus to the village, you can only access the village before night and cannot join the light-up event unless you stay overnight.

 How to reserve?AccommodationTransportationObservation deck ticket
A- Stay overnightBallot
B- 1 day entrance (self-drive + parking lot)First-come, first-served basis○ / X
C- Package toursFirst-come, first-served basis○ / X○ / X
D- Tour busFirst-come, first-served basis○ / X
Public busFirst-come, first-served basis

*Limited observation deck tickets are provided. If you like to get the tickets, please note:  

  • If you are staying overnight in the village, you are guaranteed to get tickets of the observation deck.
  • If you travel with the tour bus or 1 day entrance (self-drive), the tickets are not mandatory so please make sure the tickets are included while making the purchase.
  • November update: Only【B- 1 day entrance (self-drive + parking lot)】,【C- Package tours】available.

Reservation Calendar


Stay overnight

[2020 Light-up] Booking Application (Lottery) - Fully booked


【One day entrance (self-drive + parking lot)】

[2020 Light-up] 1 day entrance (self-drive + parking lot)


【Package tours

[2020 Light-up] Shirakawago x KKday Tours


Tour busOpens on 1st October. Please make your reservation here: https://www.nouhibus.co.jp/sale_shirakawago_illumination_en/

Event Schedule

Time1 day entrance (self-drive + parking lot)Tour busPublic bus
13:00Guests within 1 day ticket are able to enter the parking lotFree entry for general visitors
14:00Seseragi parking lot clean up
15:00Observation deck clean upObservation deck clean up
17:00Shuttle bus service for observation deck startsShuttle bus service for observation deck startsGeneral visitor leave the village
Last bus to Takaoka: 16:50
Last bus to Takayama and Kanazawa: 17:30

(Only the guests who stay overnight are able to join the event)
17:30The light-up event starts The light-up event starts
19:10Last shuttle bus from the observation deck to the villageLast shuttle bus from the observation deck to the village
19:30End of the light-up eventEnd of the light-up event
20:30Parking lot closedTour bus returns to Takayama Station

The return time for tour bus may be vary.

About Tour Bus

PriceAdult JPY 9,800
Child JPY 7,500
Adult JPY 7,100
Child JPY 4,800
Adult JPY 7,500
Child JPY 5,200
Adult JPY 5,700
Child JPY3,400
Meeting pointTakayama StationTakayama StationTakayama StationTakayama Station
Departure time14:2014:4015:1015:40
Return time21:2020:4021:0020:30
Package items
Observation deck
OthersBeef sticks

*For the reservation & latest informaiton, please refer to https://www.nouhibus.co.jp/sale_shirakawago_illumination_en/

If you have any inquiries related to the tour bus of Nohi Bus Company, please contact(only Japanese): https://www.nouhibus.co.jp/contact/

Accommodations in Takayama/Kanazawa

[Hotel] At Takayama/Kanazawa