[Accommodation] How to book an accommodation on Airbnb in Takayama and Kanawaza?

How to book an accommodation on Airbnb

 Do you know Airbnb? Now many travelers love Airbnb!!

The random select result of staying overnight in Shirakawa-go will soon be published.
For the travelers who are not able to stay a night in Shirakawago but still want to attend the light-up event, we can still book a place to stay either in Takayama or Kanazawa.

To book an accommodation, you not only can use booking.com or Agoda but also on Airbnb.
Airbnb is a company based in San Fransisco, on its website people are able to release or rent short-term accommodations.

The company doesn’t own any real estate, therefore booking a place on the Airbnb is different from booking a hotel, the renting resources are mostly apartments, houses or flats.

Why do we recommend Airbnb?

Most of the space of hotels and guesthouses are quite limited,
therefore if you are traveling with a large group, then Airbnb might be the best choice for you.

You can rent a whole house on the Airbnb, therefore, all the families and friends can stay together, instead of living in different rooms in hotels.

What’s more, there are more facilities than hotels, like the laundry machine, kitchen, living room and etc.
For some people who are not familiar with this website, we are going to introduce how to use it and how to book an accommodation.


How to book an accommodation on Airbnb ?

how to book an accommodation on Airbnb

Demonstration step by step

  1. Please go to the airbnb website.
  2. Choose the language: On the bottom of the right-hand side of the website, you can find a bottom of “terms, privacy, currency and more”, please press for changing currency and the lanugage you preferred.
  3. Register an account:
    a) Please press the up-right corner button “sign up” and register with your facebook, google account or any email account.b) Airbnb will ask you to double confirm your personal details, such as government ID (passport number), telephone number and e-mail account.c) After register, you can write a short self-introduction then you are able to message the house owner and pay on the website. Remember only use the Airbnb message to contact the house owner, it’s for protecting yourself.
  4. Enter the place and press “home” (if you would only like to search for a place to stay), date and the number of people then search the accommodation you preferred. Remember the price will add up the website service fee, and it will show every cost before you process the payment.
  5. Choose the accommodation you like and read the facilities, house rule very carefully.
    There are also some reviews under the page, you can check the how other people think about this accommodation.
    On the right-hand side, it’s the fee you have to pay. Some houses you have to message the owner first and wait for there permission, then you can process the payment.
  6. After you press “Request to Book”, the next page will show all the highlight of the accommodation, then you can press “agree and continue” to the next page fill out “who’s coming” and process the payment. Then you will get a confirmation letter and the contact from the house owner of all the details you need (such as the address, how to get to the accommodation, and how to get the key).
  7. It’s quite easy and simple, just like booking a hotel, but with more interactive with the house owner.

Hope everyone can find their ideal home while attending the light-up event. Have a good trip.