[2019 Light-up] The guests who come to the event



Mao chan
Thanks for visiting our 2019 Light up event page.
Continuously, up till 32nd events have held, coming 33rd, will be reservation in advance only.

We have found many troubles and problems through this events.

Everywhere is full of people

Observation deck is full of people and dangerous

Excessive traffic jam

Unfriendly map for tourist

For coming 2019  light up event, we will solve all these problems and make this event;
“the memorable events of your life” for our tourist.

1. For All Guests

1-1. Let’s enjoy an unforgettable event together!


・The floors in the hostels are all wet or being damaged
・Tourists can only visit the facilities that are marked on the map
・Please do not jostle or serious accidents will be caused
Let’s build the world most beautiful village together, shall we?

1-2. Recommended clothes


1-3. 2019th Original Guide Book

Now On Sale!! 

1-4. FAQ

Q: Can I buy the observation deck ticket on the event day?
A: All the tickets are sold before the event, therefore no tickets will be sold on the event day.

Q: Are there other places for sight-seeing other than the observation deck?
A: Please refer to the information below.

[2019 light-up] Photo shooting spots and observation deck guide


Q: Is there any information about restaurant / street food etc during light-up event?
A: Please refer to the information below.

[2019 light-up] Restaurant / Shop information


Q: Can I enter the day-return parking lot again after I have left?
A: No, you cannot.

Q: What can I do if I need help or have any problems on the event day?
A: Please ask the staff nearby or seek help at the information center.

Q: Can I use a tripod on the observation deck?
A: As the space is limited on the observation deck, the use of tripod is forbidden in this event.

Q: Can I go to the observation deck on foot?
A: You cannot walk to the observation deck on the event day. Moreover, the road is very slippery and dangerous so please do not walk to the observation deck by yourself.

Q: Is there any smoking area?
A: You can find the smoking area on the map that we distribute on the event day.

2. Suggested schedule for tourists using different reservation method

2-1. Original Guidebook

Please show to below screenshot or application to the staff at below tourist information center.
You can tell them your language you need.
You can take it from 14:00 to 17:00 at below circled information center.

2-2. Tourists who will staying at the village on light up event day

shuttle bus for observation deck
Departure time : 17:50
Departure place: In front of Wada House

How flows on light up event day

① Check-in (show your Invoice or Letter to the host)
② Receive observation ticket and Map

③ Sightseeing village, light up event

④ Dinner
Mao chan

Please make a direct inquiry to accommodation!!
(Tourist who reserved by tourist association will be sent a email individually)

*There might be a clerk service before check-in time
*Dinner time will be depends on each accomodation

2-3. Booked an one-day parking lot

Temporary Parking Lot is available from 11:30am – 20:00pm.
The peak time is around 15:30 – 17:30, so we recommend you to come earlier.

shuttle bus for observation deck
Departure time : 17:00
Departure place: In front of Wada House 

Caution: cannot enter the parking lot

x No ticket

x Different car with the one on the ticket

x Normal tired are strictly prohibited:  Snow tires or with chains

Over 13 people (riding capacity) minibus is prohibited

Before Departing

Please check ticket of Peatix apps
*Any questions about Peatix Click
(We suggest you to print out QR code just in case)

 On the light up event day


①Check followings before departing
Peatix APP /  ID(Passport)

②Navigation setting:
TEL 05769-6-3111 or
2495-3 Ogimachi Shirakawa, Ono District, Gifu Prefecture 501-5627

③After arriving to parking lot, show ticket
   Receiving maps and *1observation deck ticket

④Sightseeing village, light up even

⑤last shuttle bus: 20:00pm
*1 Sold out

<Driving route from Shirakawa-go IC to Terao parking lot>


2-4. Tourists who made a reservation via travel agent

Ask for more information to travel agency

2019th Original Guide Book: Now On Sale!!

2-5. Booked “Nohhi bus”, “Kaetsunou bus”, and “Toyama chihou Tetsudou bus”

When entering village, in order to prevent illegal entering, you might ask to show return ticket.
If so, please show it to the staff.  Thank you for your cooperation.

2019th Original Guide Book: Now On Sale!! 

2-6. For travel agency staff

Reservation of this year for bus has been already full. There are no more available.
Buses with no reservation are prohibited for entering village and parking.
From this year, enhancing cooperation with police and guard,
tourist who park on the road will be strictly punished.

2-7. Tourist who booked observation ticket in advance

Please come to shuttle bus station on time.
And then please read carefully notice in the ticket after you receive it on the day.

We hope you have a memorial event!!