[2020 Light-up] Event Information – October updated

Since 2019, the regulations of the light-up event will have significant changes so please read this page very carefully.

The number of tourists entering Shirakawa-go will be limited in the up-coming events. Please make a reservation in advanced.

If the amount of applications exceeds the availability, random selection will be used.
Only the elected ones will be given parking permits/ shuttle bus tickets.

Event Dates

The 2020 light-up events will be held six times.

 DateLight-up Time
1stJan 1317:30 - 19:30
2ndJan 1917:30 - 19:30
3rdJan 2617:30 - 19:30
4thFeb 217:30 - 19:30
5thFeb 917:30 - 19:30
6thFeb 1617:30 - 19:30

How to make a reservation

All tourist need to be booked in advance. Without reservation, guests will be restricted to access the village. Please pay special attention to this rule.

If you would like to join the light-up event, please reserve one of 3 options as below.
As for observation ticket, it is not selling individually. If you would like to access the observation desk, please consider following ways

Observation tickets
Stay overnight
One day
(entrance fee / parking lot)
○ / X
Package tours○ / X○ / X
Tour Bus○ / X

■ Guests who would like to stay overnight in the village

[2020 Light-up] Booking Application (Lottery) - Fully booked


■ Day return self-driving guests using the parking lot

The booking opens from mid-September on the first-come, first-served basis.
Please note the tickets cannot be refunded after being purchased.

Entry fee + parking lot: 4,000 yen per car (1 – 10 people)

The observation desk: 1,000 yen per person

[2020 Light-up] 1 day entrance (self-drive + parking lot)

※All tickets cannot be given to others.
※We will check the valid personal ID on the event day, and it needs to be the same name with the register one.
※Reselling tickets, putting the ticket on auction websites, or all behaviors of reselling are prohibited.
※Once discovered the above behaviors, the tickets will be considered as invalid and the entrance will also be prohibited.

■ Guests who wish to visit the village by package tours

■ Guests who wish to visit the village by tour bus
Opens on 1st October. Please make your reservation here: https://www.nouhibus.co.jp/sale_shirakawago_illumination_en/

Frequently Asked Questions

[2020 Light-up] Q&A


Reservation Guide

[2020 Light-up] Event Reservation Guide


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