[2020 Light-up] Booking Application (Lottery) – Fully booked

We are no longer accepting applications for staying overnight as the due date was Aug 31st.
The lottery result has been out! We have already informed the winners. If you haven’t received any message from us, you might not get the chance of staying overnight in the village.
Please try the alternatives to join the event.

Our company (info@gassho-travel.com) reply to you on behalf of Shirakawago Light-up Committee as for booking way to join the event.

About the application

Aug 1 – 30: Please complete your booking application
Around Sep 10: We will infrom the result only to lottery winner.
*Lottery winner need to pay by credit card within 3 days after receiving our e-mail. The detail is inside the message for winner.

Every person can only apply once. Please send a representative to apply for your group. The deadline for the application is 8/30 (FRI) 23:59 in Japan time.
※Please apply through PC or smart phone.
※After you have made an application, you are not allowed to cancel or make changes the contents that you have applied for.
※Please make sure the email address you enter is correct.
※If you have set restrictions to recieving mails for the email that you have registered, please be sure that your email can receive mails from「@gassho-travel.com」.
※If you have set restrictions to recieving mails, you will not be able to receive the result email from us.

About the results

Release of result: we will send the result email to your email only for lottery winner by 9/10.
※We will not be replying any emails enquiring about independent results. For those who are elected, please follow the instructions of the application procedure in the result email. If you did not apply before the deadline, you will be considered as giving up the chance.


※Every person can only apply once. Please send a representative to apply for your group.
※All tickets cannot be given to others.
※In order to confirm the ticket belongs to you, we maybe need to check your identity documents on the event day.
※If the name you used for application is not the same as your identity document, you maybe refused to enter the village. ※We only accept identity documents within the expiry period.
※We do not accept copies of the identity documents.
※Resaling tickets, putting the ticket on auction websites, or all behaviors relied to resaling are prohibited. Once discovered the above behaviors, the tickets will be considered as invalid and the entrance will also be prohibited.


Please refer to here

Lottery Accommodation List

lightup gassho
*Above price is per person, not per room.

PDF version: 2020 accommodation list


Please refer to below area map