What are the arrangemants of the 2019 light up event?

2019 light up event?

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Hello, we are Gassho Travel.
Time flies, it is June already…

“It is almost time to think about the light up event of next year in Shirakawago.
Other than Japanese, there are more and more Asian tourists coming here.
And thank you everyone for your love to Shirakawago!!”

“The rules of the annual light up event in Shirakawago will change a lot in 2019.
The next winter light up event (2019) will be the 33rd one,”

we really apologize for the poor arrangements and unclear information in the previous events.

After the light up event in 2018, we have reviewed many ways to do a better job.
We hope that our guests can be more satisfied in the coming 2019 light up event.

Although there are only 580 locals living in this small village, we would like to do our best to run the event. Please give us your advice anytime!!
light up shirakawagolight up shirakawago

Future arrangements:
Mid July: Presenting the schedule and other detail information
‧ After that, the registration of booking gassho style houses and bus tickets will begin (start date not yet released)

Even if you enquire the Shirakawago Tourist Association or the Shirakawa Village Office, they would give you the same answer: “Sorry that we are not sure about anything at this moment.
If you have any questions or advice, please feel free to talk to us.
We would love to help.
Please also contact us if you want new information.
We will send you a reply mail once we have the information in hand.
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If you have never been to Shirakawago before or do not know what a light up event is,
we will now explain roughly about it to you.

There are three ways to join a light up event.

・Staying at the gassho style house or ryokan(accommodation) in Ogimachi or inside Shirakawago village
→ By car or bus
‧ Day tour
→ Car only (assigned parking lot)
‧ Join a tour by tour association
→ Tour bus

We will give out the arrangements in Mid July, so please stay tuned!

We will try our best to arrange a great event for everyone. We hope all of the our guests will have an unforgettable memory with us.

light up shirakawago
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