What kinds of accommodation in Shirakawago?

Mao chan
I would like to know more about the accomodation facilities in Shirakawago
Mao chan
I do not know the differences between a normal hostel and a Gassho house

You will know more details as below!!

Nice to meet you.
I am “Small Bear”, the person who run the Gassho Travel Concierge.
I have been experiencing every corner of Japan.
and then the charm of Gassho-style house impressed me the most.
Therefore, I would like to transmit the information of Shirakawago to everyone.

It would be my pleasure to help you with your journey.

Talking about Shirakawago, you must first think of Gassho houses!
Almost everyone have an image of Gassho when think of Shirakawago or Gassho village.

Recently not only in Japan,
many tourists from all around the world are attracted by the famous Gassho-style house.
Accommodating in a Gassho style hostel has become a trend.

So what is a Gassho-style house?

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There are 18 Gassho style houses in total inside Ogimachi in Shirakawago,
which are registered as world cultural heritage.
In fact 10 years ago, there were 24 or 25 Gassho hostels.
However, as there are no heir to the Gassho, the number is declining in recent years.

Normally, Gassho style houses provide guests with two meals a day (dinner and breakfast)
and with simple style bedding.

Please be notice that a hostel is different from a hotel
・Rooms are only seperated by one thin door
・The room door cannot be locked
・There are no toilet and shower in the room,
so guests use the public toilet and shower room with other guests
・There is no TV in the room

Escaping from the noisy urban area / life, and
“to experience the causal life in Gassho style house”,
Gassho style houses were set up according to this concept.

Among the 18 hostels,

The TOP5 of TripAdvisor
(as of 15th May)

1. Magoemon
2. Shimizu
3. Furusato
4. Otaya
5. Nodaniya

The TOP5 recommended by Gassho Travel
1. Magoemon
2. Gensaku
3. Otaya
4. Nodaniya
5. Yokichi

will be introduced accordingly.

*Basically they do not offer pick-up service
*The heating fee in winter (October to April) is charged seperately.
The price depends on the type of rooms.
As most landladies of the hostels are old ladies, they cannot speak foreign languages.
The only one who can speak English is Shimizu.

What is more, it is very difficult to book a room in the hostel.
The reasons are,
・There are only a few rooms in every hostel
・As it is family business, it is very hard for them to keep the hostel operating
while they have to handle village affairs and help with their grandchild’s study

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Shirakawago Tourist Association

About 70% of the hostels can be booked by a third party
There are not enough staff to handle booking, so it may take 3 to 4 days to receive reply messages
There is a lot communication before a booking is made
Japanese Guesthouse

The speed of replying is fast
Only 6 Gassho hostels can handle bookings.
The booking fee is about 8% to 10%
Gassho Travel

Of course we can make a reservation if you need our help!!

"Booking gassho style house or accommodation in Shirakawago / Gokayama"

As for Light-up event in 2019, please check below URL and contact not here but below URL, thanks!

You can also book directly by yourselves (by phone or email) or find someone who can speak Japanese to book for you.
However, there is a high possibility that some misunderstandings or troubles may occur during the process. Moreover, the landlady is very busy so there maybe situations like booking missed or over booking. Therefore, we do not recommend this method.
It is better to use the above methods mentioned rather than this method.


Gassho style house in Gokayama



Moreover, not only in Shirakawago,
there are also Gassho hostels in Gokayama Ainokura, which takes a 30 minutes ride.
As Shirakawago has become a popular tourist spot in recent years,
many foreign tourists prefer staying in Gokayama.

Recently tourists can also make a booking online, so it becomes more convenient.
Booking accommodation at Gokayama


Other than Gassho hostels, there are also facilities like hostels, hotels and guesthouses in Shirakawago.
Booking accommodation at Shirakawa village

Locates in front of the bus terminal
Provides good service

Shirakawago no Yu
The only hotel that equipped with Onsen in this world cultural heritage area

Toyota Shirakawa-Go Eco Institute
Although it takes a 20 minutes ride to get here, you can enjoy your day in this hotel that is surrounded by nature

Guesthouse AntHut or Guesthouse Shirakawago Terrace
The price is low. However, it takes a 10 to 20 minute walk from Ogimachi.

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